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Vienna - a walking tour (2 hours)


We begin with a tour of the monument of Maria Theresa - the most famous ruler of Austria. Then we'll see Museum of the History of Art and Natural History Museum. Then we switch to the other side of the ring street "Ringstrasse" and go with you through the Palace gate to the Hofburg Palace - the former winter residence of the Habsburgs.

Hofburg is a complex of palaces, among which you will see the Presidential Palace and the Office of the Chancellor. Of course, in the Hofburg also has some interesting museums: cokrovischnitsa Habsburgs, apartments of Emperor Franz Josef and his wife, Empress Elisabeth, the Empress Sissi museum (the most famous beauties of the second half 19 th century), Silver Chamber (Silberkammer), Museum of Weapons and armor of knights and more another.

Then we vydem to ploschyadi Iozifa II and the Church of St. Augustine, where venchyalis crowned personages and the famous Spanish Riding School, and, if lucky, see the white horses in the stables-lipitsanov. Of course, the look and the adjacent area of St. Michael, where you can see a fragment of the excavations of Roman settlements.

At ploschyadi St. Michael, named after the Church of St. Michael, we see the house where once lived a young Haydn and walk along the pedestrian zone called Kohlmarkt (translated, means carbon market). Here we see one of the most famous cafes in Vienna, Demel, where before there was court patisserie His Imperial Majesty, and now can not only drink of excellent coffee and savor the culinary masterpieces, and even take pictures of how young konditory working on his incomparable sweet creations .
Vienna - a beautiful building and the Baroque era, and Gothic and Art Nouveau, and the Romanesque style - and during our journey you will not just be able to confirm this. We visited the graben - one of the most beautiful and elegant streets of Vienna - and look at the church of St Peter, which is one of the best examples of the Austrian Baroque.

Let's look at the famous plague column, and then will head to the main shrine is not only Vienna but also the whole of Austria - to the Cathedral of St. Stephen. We'll tell you about the history of this cathedral and events associated with it.
Let us approach the house of Mozart, where once there was this great composer. Running along the street Kerntner-Strasse, one of the main shopping streets of Vienna, and traveled to the area Neuer Markt, where the emperor's tomb.
Then we will head to the "Albertine" - the square where the famous Albertina Graphic Arts Collection.
Here we see a monument to the victims of war and fascism, and, of course, the legendary Viennese opera - perhaps the most famous musical symbol of Vienna, where the audience applauded Richard Wagner, Gustav Mahler, Herbert von Karajan, Maria Callas, Placido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti and many, many others, and which now shines with Anna Netrebko. It was in this building on the main ball of Austria, which we also shall tell you. Well situated next to each other and quite another famous Viennese Cafe Sacher. This is where you can taste the cake of the same name, known far beyond Austria.



At your request, we can somewhat change the route and visit some of the museums.

Of course the same, on request, we have an interesting tour of "musical Vienna, museum tours and much more.