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„Swarovski Crystal Worlds“ and Innsbruck

You have the option of the unique museum of "Swarovski Crystal Worlds," which is not far from Innsbruck, Wattens in the city to see and visit one of the most beautiful cities in Europe - Innsbruck.

Museum "Swarovski Crystal Worlds" is a labyrinth of seven rooms, connected by narrow hallways and stairwells. Once you come in through the huge head with sparkling eyes, you immediately see the huge tunnel, which is built of artificial crystals. If you come in to the museum, dive into the magical world of colors, puzzles and graceful movement.
The program is also the visit of the world's largest Swarovski shop that shows the different products of the famous Austrian company. Prices here are 20-25% lower than normal.

Then drive to the capital of Tirol - Innsbruck. For many centuries, Innsbruck attracts a large number of visitors. began with its prime location on the border of three countries 800 years ago here flock to the merchants and craftsmen in the 16th Century, the first explorer who in the enlightened 18th Century "professional" have been replaced tourists. This flow is not stopped for a moment, because the city has to offer its guests a lot! The close connection between architecture, history, nature and sport gives you an extraordinary experience of visiting the city!

Our tour starts at the tournament in front of the Imperial Palace. There were interwoven in a single architectural ensemble in Baroque style, Renaissance, Classicism, Mannerism and ultra modern. Solemn funeral song of bronze and copper will open its doors to the famous Imperial Church, which is on the west side of the square. 28 monumental figures that the many known ancestors of the Hapsburgs, glorify the Emperor Maximilian and the period of his reign. Analog similar church recalls Burgundy crypts and burial of Roman emperors, there is nowhere else in the world. The next stop in the old town, the Cathedral of St. James, which is one of many stops on the pilgrimage route to Spain, to the place of burial of St. James in Santiago de Kompastella. Cathedral will surprise you with a unique illusionistic murals and his treasure - to show the image icon of Mary-Advocate brush Lucas Cranach.

Every stone in the old town of Innsbruck has the story. Since its founding in 1180 the city experienced firm fires, floods, earthquakes and wars, but it is growing steadily and the development, improvement of living standards of its inhabitants. His first permanent court with restaurants the city received in 1390, a unique building of the Golden Eagle, with murals on the facade still exists. There have at various times of the Emperor Maximilian I, Mozart, Goethe, Heinrich Heine, the Emperor Joseph II, a national hero in the war in 1809, Andreas Hofer, and many other celebrities made.

However, Innsbruck gets the special importance not only as a wealthy trading center, but also the imperial residence in the 15 century, when here comes the reign of Emperor Maximilian I. Perpetuate themselves in stone and in the history of one of the main aspirations of the ambitious, clever and talented but the emperor. In 1500 came the Golden Roof, the symbol of wealth and power of the emperor. It is still the hallmark of Innsbruck. Admire his 2657 tiles and hear the story of the greatest love in the house of Habsburg between Maximilian and his first wife, Mary of Burgundy, each year approximately two million tourists.

The medieval walls of the Old Town are on the background of mighty mountains. These natural scenes give the viewer an exceptional sense of touch of eternity and unreality. It's just a jump to the Alps! In eight minutes on the new funicular Hurgerburgban you are directly up from the center in the mountains. The first leg of the journey to the station, with stations that are made in the form of huge blocks of ice, is a work of modern art in the world. The journey continues via a cable car to the station and over the top of the Zeegrube Hafelekar. With increasing altitude are the beauty and tranquility of nature. At an altitude of 2256 feet, you can enjoy the breathtaking panorama of the city of Innsbruck. This proximity to the nature of the Alps and the lively city makes the trip unforgettable impressions.

The program ends in one of the many cozy restaurants where you can try to relax and Tyrolean cuisine.

The price includes:
- Meeting with the Russian tour guide-driver at your hotel
- Transfer from Vienna to Innsbruck
- City tour of Innsbruck
- Transportation costs (fuel tax for road construction, parking lots)
- Transfer to your hotel in Vienna.

 The price does not include:
- Tickets to museums (individually)
- Eating and drinking.