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„The road of the castles and chateaus of Styria“ and Graz

You have a way, the famous street of the locks (9) Styria to see, and making a short trip to the medieval town of Hartberg.
The road leads through the nature park of castles "Valley Pöllau", whose area of 120 square km. Next stop is the bakery, baked where currently more than 150 varieties of gingerbread, cookies and cake. You have the opportunity during this tour in cake show take part: you can enjoy traditional Austrian cake (such as Russian gingerbread) selbstbemalen. And in the days when your masterpiece will be dry, be friendly hosts an Austrian coffee or tea and cakes baked on the spot to offer you.
The road further leads, and now you can visit one of the nine palaces. In the middle of the beautiful eastern Styria is mysterious, hidden among the gorges on the banks of the river Feistritz, amazingly beautiful castle Herberstein graph that combines many styles and has a rich history of the family of graphs Herberstein.
One of the family members was Sigmund Herberstein - the first ambassador to the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I in Moscow. He first wrote a book about Russia and Russians. "Instructions from Moscow" was written by experienced Austrian diplomat who for half a century in the service of the Habsburg house.
The castle is situated on an area of 42 hectares, surrounded by a zoo and the old park of roses. Rosary with countless varieties of roses, is an ocean of bright colors and varnishes. At the top of the hill you will find a charming corner - Sigmuntpark, here you can admire the magnificent view of the remains of medieval buildings with modern architecture. At the end of the tour through the castle you get in winter - mulled wine by the fireplace, in summer - champagne with rose petals in the rosary. In order to know the local mentality, be sure to visit the Farmers Restaurant and enjoy traditional Styrian cuisine, while the food can taste pumpkin seed oil.

Then goes the way through the apple orchards in the beautiful city of Austria, the capital of Styria - Graz. Second largest city of Austria. UNESCO declared the old town as a World Heritage Site. For many, Graz - one lady at the age of great charm, which hides a century of history. An important part of Graz - Ensemble manicured courtyards with arcades. Many museums, which are presented on the ancient artifacts of the old story, familiar with the past of the city and the country, the ruins of the castle Schlossberg, Domkirhe. You can also see the clock tower, whose heart beats for Graz since 1712 – and still with the original movement and one of the oldest bells in the country (1382).

At the end of the tour you have free in the summer, delicious ice cream, black negroes of Arnold, Charlie Temmelom. Andy was born 12 km from Graz, and despite the fact that now lives in America, he is often in Styria. California also has a lounge ice, which is manufactured by Styrian recipe.

The duration - 12 hours.
The price includes:
- Meeting with the Russian tour guide-driver at your hotel
- Transfer from hotel in Graz
- Entertainment
- Transportation costs (fuel taxes for highways, parking lots)
- Transfer to your hotel in Vienna.

 The price does not include:
- Tickets for the Castle, museums (depending on Whoosh, individual)
- Food, drinks.